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This pack consists of 3 excellent varieties of Virtuoso, so you can enjoy them in good company, perfect to accompany meats you love.

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This fantastic offer is what you need to get you the best table wine in your home will never miss. 12 perfect bottle to accompany all kinds of meats and cheeses, sausages ... all the food that you like.


4 Bottles of Red Merlot.

  • Year: 2018.
  • Merlot means "petit oiseau noir" (blackbird), and Merlot grape is the first season that coincides with the time when these birds eat the berries.
  • View: intense wine, full-bodied, refined, solid.
  • Smell: aroma of cassis, red and violet jam berries.
  • Taste: roses, fruit cake, spices, mint, chocolate, currant and plums
  • Food pairing: Fish fat composition, such as tuna, bonito, salmon or grilled cod or grilled. Pasta of all kinds accompanied by cream-based sauces or tomato sauces, either mild or spicy. Rice, risotto accompanied with a bottle of merlot is guaranteed success. Red meat: grilled, hamburger, roast beef or carpaccio, and light stews seasoned with herbs or mushrooms. Game meats, we like duck and rabbit, and poultry, chicken. semi-hard cheese or brie-type well, blue or cheddar. Dare also with a cheese fondue.
  • Operating temperature between 13-16º
  • Alcohol: 11%.

4 bottles of red Syrah.

  • Year: 2018.
  • Also known as Shiraz, it is a red grape that is grown worldwide and is used mainly to produce red wine. In 1999 it was discovered that the Syrah was descended from two dark grapes in southeastern France, the "hardness" and "Mondeuse blanche".
  • View: The color is intense, refined, solid and austere.
  • Smell: friendly and tasty wine, deep aroma of wild fruits, violets and black fruit (plum jam, black currant, blackberry).
  • Taste: Wine opulent, vigorous, powerful, silky texture, full-bodied.
  • Pairing: Aged cheeses and cured meats, is also excellent companion for pasta with red sauce seasoned meats, lamb and spicy pork to the Hindu way.
  • Operating temperature between 13-16º
  • Alcohol: 11%.​​​​​​​


4 Bottles of Pinot Noir.

  • Year: 2018.
  • The name derives from the French words pine (pineapple) and noir (black). The term pine is because this variety have a tight and tapered bunches, shaped like pineapple.
  • It is thought to produce some of the finest wines in the world, but is a difficult variety to cultivate and vinification.
  • View: Wines of low intensity, with a special light, reminding a bright red duller than tile.
  • Smell: Cherry, cassis, strawberry, raspberry, violet, leather and licorice, black currant and truffles.
  • Taste: light and delicate but structured wine with a subtle, fresh taste and fruity nuances, with an acidity that keeps it alive.
  • Food pairing: ideal to accompany birds such as chicken, goose or duck, especially without are prepared with spices and baked. It is also an ally of luxury with semi-hard cheeses. With fish like tuna and salmon, and some freshwater fish, they are always prepared with subtlety or steamed.
  • Operating temperature between 13-16º
  • Alcohol: 11%


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